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I'm Ready for My Closeup! <3

A natural! I think she is loving the camera in this May album!

Already a 1 year old!

Struttin her stuff in the studio!

Pretty in Pink

Outside photoshoot with the beautiful diva. <3

Hyrah's First Photoshoot

After nearly a month of life, Hyrah was already a star! Take a look at the highlights of her first photohoot.

Hyrah's Growing Up Photoshoot

Hyrah was so happy for her February 2012 photo shoot. She really loved her polka dot and Egyptian outfits!

Hyrah's Royalty Photoshoot

Hyrah looks pristine on her thrown and fills the look of royalty quite well!

Hyrah's Glamorous Spring Photoshoot

Hyrah admires her dreamy crib while sporting the latest in feathers & flowers! Not sure whether this is a statement of fashion or PURE cuteness!

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